[design title="December 2017" author="Nicolas Fredrickson"  author_image="nicolasfredrickson.png" info="While I was growing up, I always felt drawn to creative activities. Experimenting with paint, graphite, charcoal, etc. I got my feet wet in  these fields all through high school. Then I went off to college, going  for a chemistry degree, total different side of things I know! I just  found myself as a problem  solver and didn’t realize I could visually  make this happen. After a year of chemistry, I knew I wanted something more creative with my life. I started majoring in Graphic Design  instead , where I learned that the whole point is to solve problems. This was perfect for me. My family and fiancée Marisa have given me amazing support along the journey. I am  highly motivated to continue building this skill  everyday and I trust God will bring me to this!  

content_headline="WHY WE LOVE THIS DESIGN" content="This is such a simple and beautiful interpretation of everyday elements of nature." image="2017-Dec.jpg"\]

[design title="November 2017" author="Jared Jacob"  author_image="jaredjacob.png" info="'Fresh, modern, clean and simple. I try to give my work a timeless feel while incorporating modern trends. I generally approach with a 'less is more' attitude which is why I love working with logos so much as the very idea of logos is to convey sometimes complex ideas into a simple mark or type treatment. I love vintage vintage and retro styles and feel my work reflects that as well' - Jared"  content_headline="WHY WE LOVE THIS DESIGN" content="We find that the simplest designs sometimes provoke the most thought and emotion. This design by Jacob is an example of that concept and we are excited to share it with our Wohven community" image="2017-Nov.jpg"\]

[design title="October 2017" author="Neil Hubert"  author_image="neilhubert.png" info="A Midwest transplant, Neil is currently soaking up the sun in Southern California. He has over 13 years experience along with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Having worked with brands like Patagonia, Califia Farms, The Hundreds, Merrell, Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Chacos." content_headline="WHY WE LOVE THIS DESIGN"  content="One of our favorite places to be this time of year is under the stars in the deserts of Southern California. The sun setting over the cooling desert terrain is a sight worth seeing. Time to pack the bags and go wander." image="2017-Oct.jpg"\]

[design title="September 2017" author="Louis Mabous"  author_image="louismabous.png" info="From a humble graphic design background, Louis has honed his skills and exploded into the industry. Having mastered the art of detail, he now finds himself spending most of his time illustrating. A devoted passion for the snow and exploring the unknown are constant themes within his work. Louis' passion for detail means that no job is too small. He is skilled accross the industry from logo design, branding, commissioned artwork, and even tattoo design." content_headline="WHY WE LOVE THIS DESIGN"  content="When summer wraps and we head into fall, dreams of the snow covered mountains become prevalent. This design is a reminder when those days are right around the corner." image="2017-Sep.jpg"\]

[design title="August 2017" author="Tyler Deeb"  author_image="tylerdeeb.png" info="Tyler is self taught with skills in print, identity and product design. His work has been recognized by Fast Co., How magazine, Monocle magazine, 99U, Esquire, Boing Boing, Martha Stewart, Uncrate, and more." content_headline="WHY WE LOVE THIS DESIGN"  content="This piece [] sends out the summer vibes one more time before we head into fall. We’re mezmerized by the  by the intricate linework that portrays the serenity of nature while magically creating depth in a flat design." image="2017-Aug.jpg"\]

[design title="July 2017" author="Tegan Mierle"  author_image="teganmierle.png" info="Tegan's thoughtful, relevant, technically savvy, and sometimes humorous work has been featured in Fast Company, Complex Magazine, Huffington Post, Zurb, CSS Awards, Hypebeast and many other notable publications. For the past six years, she's been leading the design team at Pilot Interactive, which she co-founded in 2008." content_headline="WHY WE LOVE THIS DESIGN"  content="Pretty simple. We are rooted in Southern California and are drawn to excellent design that is beach/surf related." image="2017-Jul.jpg"\]

[design title="June 2017" author="Jonathan Schubert"  author_image="jonathanschubert.png" info="Jon is an exceptionally talented designer hailing from Dallas, TX. Often hearkening bygone eras, Jon's work can best be described as Classic. He adeptly blends illustration, lettering and graphic design in a style all his own. Do yourself a favor and head over to @jonathanschubert on instagram to check out more of his work." image="2017-Jun.jpg"\]

[design title="May 2017" author="Christopher Craig"  author_image="christophercraig.png" info="Christopher graduated from the University of Akron with a BFA in Graphic Design. Chris currently works as an in-house graphic / web designer at Invent Now Inc. His passion for hand lettering and custom typography has given him the opportunity to do freelance work the involves commissioned lettering, logos and apparel designs with clients from all over the world." image="2017-May.jpg"\]

[design title="April 2017" author="Brian Steely"  author_image="briansteely.png" info="Brian Steely is an American designer widely known for his unique line logos. There are many reasons why we admire his work, the intricacy and symmetry to name but a few. By following a simple line structure and a very minimal color palette, he is able to create these beautifully decorative logos." image="2017-Apr.jpg"\] 

[design title="March 2017" author="Jay Master"  author_image="jaymaster.png" info="Jay Master is a graphic designer working out of Austin, TX. He focuses mostly on branding, design, and web. He gravitates toward strong, simple solutions.

He grew up in Boulder, CO, but spent a large amount of time living in Honolulu, HI. He draws inspiration from the harmonies and contrasts he sees in the surrounding nature.

When he is not designing, he is spending time with his beautiful and son playing outdoors." image="2017-Mar.jpg"\] 

[design title="February 2017" author="Noel Shiveley"  author_image="noelshiveley.png" info="Noel Shiveley is a 22 year old letterer and designer based out of Colorado Springs, CO. He is focused on calligraphy, typography, graphic design and is always interested in collaborations. His style draws from the past, but is at the same time incredibly fresh. He walks that line as well as any designer out there today. We're honored that he has chosen to contribute to Wohven." image="2017-Feb.jpg"\]

[design title="January 2017" author="Jimmy Bryant"  author_image="jimmybryant.png" info="In Jimmy's own words, 'I have been drawing/creating all of my life and it is passion. I love mixing my style with a band or brand's message to create a powerful image that can promote the brand in a new way.' Jimmy has done work for a number of well known bands, from Slayer to Norah Jones. Being able to design for Slayer one day and Norah Jones the next is our idea of talent." image="2017-Jan.jpg"\]